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Electronic Cigarette USB Charger , USB AC Adaptor
Electronic Cigarette USB Charger , USB AC Adaptor
Model Number :
Brand Name: SMOK
Place of Origin: Guangdong of China(Mainland)
Color: Black
Packing Details:
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 pcs
Delivery Time: 3-10 working days
Payment Terms: Western Union, T/T
Supply Ability: 60000 pcs per month
Views: 12359
As the world adopts healthier and greener lifestyles, tobacco smoking is an important issue forgovernments and affiliated organizations. Due to the damaging effects of smoking tobacco on health and environment, smoking bans are becoming increasingly common and stringency of such bans isalso on the increase. This gave rise to electronic cigarettes, which, since its emergence, has been gaining increasing popularity, globally. Electronic cigarette closely resemble conventional cigarette in regards to appearance, touch, smell and taste but is a much healthier and cheaper way of smoking. It can be used as an alterative or as an aid for smoking cessation.
In response to the developing and changing tobacco industry, SMOK technology co.ltd devoted its research focus on the tobacco extraction process. In addition to self-growth, SMOK technology co.ltd shares experiences and provides technical supports to many electronic cigarette suppliers to build a new innovative industry.
We believe our advantageous technique and better quality products have the potential to become an international brand. We are in the process of marketing our product globally. Our ultimate goal is to solve smoking related diseases and to offer all tobacco smokers a greener and healthier substitute.
USB charger is used to recharge the electronic cigarettes. With USB charger you can connct it with your computer to recharge the electronic cigarette batteries.
After Service:
When you find ANY quality problems in the shelf life(one year), you can contact us ANY TIME. When confirmed by the Quality Department, we will immediately help you to exchange products. Shenzhen SMOK Technology Co., Ltd. to serve you.
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